first cycle screw em

  1. first cycle screw em

    hey guys back in about 1997 i went to can cun and found a pharmacy that sold gear and bouthg sus-250 for $7 per shot. i was like hell yeah ill take it.
    i take it back to the motel and decide i wanna try to start right now, well i had done some reading and knew where to inject for the most part so i decided ill give it a try.

    i pull the cover off the syringe and found the spot on the ol ass and boom shoved it in. well first off i found out the gauge was HUGE! next thing i pulled the plunger back and saw blood. so i pulled it back out and then blood shot half way across the room, i was like whoah!!!! freaked me out a bit. so i did it again and this time everything was fine.

    go my gear back to the states then didnt have enough to finish a cycle so i found a buddy that had some test-enth. so i finished my cycle with that though i dont think i used enough to get the gains i was looking for.

    this is just a little piece for the newbies to make sure you read all you can and make sure you have all the gear you need before you start. try and hook up with someone who has already done a cycle to make sure you have everything in check.

    take care bros... by the way that was the first and only time using real gear, i am now using nothing but ph...

  2. first cycle was 20 amps of readyject sus. oh i already knew it all so i injected my rear quad just above the knee. was f**ked up for a while so i thought just inject the quad in the front just above the knee. as you can see i was ready to quit in less than two weeks.

  3. Nothing weird happened to me on my first cycle. I read and studied as much as I could before I did it.



  4. half way through mine. nothing so far. pretty basic first cycle. hopefully nothing in the future to write about. Sage

  5. No screwups yet, a couple of bleeders, a couple of painful (QV enan) shots. Not worried about this or future cycles in the least.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  6. only screw up i had was not having anything post cycle for my first cycle.

    still kept most of the gains though.


  7. Originally posted by Bone
    Nothing weird happened to me on my first cycle. I read and studied as much as I could before I did it.



    Well said, brother!

    I'll be able to make this comment as well, in the near future..


  8. Same for me on the Sust pre-loads... Was stationed in El Paso and decided to do my first cycle since Mexico was right next door..

    Never thought to change the 18 gauge pin... OUCH....

    Plus the first time I pulled the cap off the pin, it came back and stuck me in the thumb on the other hand.. I was nervous as a whore in church..

    Wish I had the cherry cycle back.. So much I would have done different..


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