How does Nolva and rebound reloaded sound ran as follows for 3 weeks...
Nolva: 40,20,20
RR: 3,2,2
Whats all this stuff im reading about RR being hormonal?? What is the latest verdict on that? Im new to this compound....Guys at the gym recommended it, saying it is superior to XT. Whatcha think? Thanks guys
By the way, I got some gyno symptoms...itchy, sore nips about 2 weeks in. Ran Aromasin at 10mgs ed for 3 days, then 5mg ed for 3 days, alond with 1 cap RR ed. Symptoms cleared up completely. Aromasin had not worked this well by itself in the past 4 me, but with the RR in the mix it cleared up. Whatsupwithat?