Poll: Which Acne Product Worked Best For You?

Whats ur Favorite Acne Product for AAS Use?

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  1. Whats ur Favorite Acne Product for AAS Use?

    In General I guess, For A.A.S or Not

  2. Strong Glycolic Acid wash and treatment solutions along with Antibiotic therapy.

    Proactive did nothing for me.

    Accutane is good but it is a major undertaking and should not be used while on anything else that may stress the liver.

    B-5 was ok.


  3. Benzaclin. (need prescription)

    Accutane has some known and unknown long-term side effects...my dermo told me that b-5 is a joke...proactiv is good but expensive

  4. subscribed

  5. 40,000 iu's of Vitamin A per day...and sunlight.

  6. Best thing i used was retin-a..not the micro type but the original....i think .01%

  7. im on 500 mg 2x daily of erythromycin. it seems to be clearing up a little bit, but nowhere near as clear as i want.

  8. do fish oils make a big difference for acne?

  9. Not for AAS caused acne but Accutane is king, I've tried anti-biotics, Retin-A, etc but only Accutane has had a significant effect. The mental side effects aren't to be tossed aside when considering use but it works.

  10. Dawn antibacterial dish soap. works like an absolute charm.

    put it on the face, back, shoulders, and chest.

  11. wait, that really works jomi??

  12. ????????

  13. yup, i forget which board i read it on. its a bit of an old school tactic from what i understand, but i gave it a try and was pretty impressed with how well it worked.

    i actually ran out and just kind of let things fly and within two weeks acne reared its ugly head on my shoulders and chest. needess to say i picked up a bottle asap and now its clearing up very nicely. its my standard acne prevention product

  14. damn bro, thats awesome im gonna try it.. it prob just dries the **** out of em

  15. jomi,

    do you just put it on and wash it off like a regular wash or do you put it on and let it stay. Also how many times per day?


    Quote Originally Posted by jomi822 View Post
    Dawn antibacterial dish soap. works like an absolute charm.

    put it on the face, back, shoulders, and chest.

  16. I don't even think you need the "antibacterial" version of Dawn. As Jomi said..it's an old school tactic, but antibacterial detergents are a new thing.

  17. salicylic acid, at least 2%. The only otc product is clean&clear. The red one. check label for 2%. saturate cotton pad and press firmly on skin until you feel a slight burn. This shoul take a few minutes depending on how much acne you have. works like a charm, best stuff I've ever used and I've tried everything. peace

  18. Yeah I have to say, anti-bacterial products work a charm. They helped me greatly when I was in the horror stages of Accutane use.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by jomi822 View Post
    Dawn antibacterial dish soap. works like an absolute charm.

    put it on the face, back, shoulders, and chest.
    What's in it that actually does most of the work? I would guess that it also depended on the type of acne and the cause of it?

  20. in response to mr 50. i just lather everything up and let it sit for like 10 seconds, then wash it off. Be careful though, it has that Retin-a like delayed skin dry out effect if you use it enough.

    and as for that last question, i have no friggin clue. i have used the non antibacterial version of dawn also...works about the same from what i can tell.

  21. I got minimal results from all the otc stuff and from antibiotics.
    I had never given tretinoin (retin-a) a real good shot (cuz the stuff I had initially was way too concentrated for practical human use.) But right before I signed the waivers to start accutane I happened to try mixing antibiotics WITH tretinoin. My derm said it was the best he'd seen my skin, so Im sticking with it for now. If it plateau's again, then he'll probably put me on isotretinoin (accutane).

    My current regimen is as follows:
    1) take my first dose of oral minocycline.

    2) Wash skin w/ either benzole peroxide, nizoral, (or sometimes sallisylic acid, wich is my least favorite of the three).

    3) I apply clyndamycin trans D and tretinoin cream to trouble spots.
    If I can, I prefer to devide them up by a few hours for better absorption through the skin, but sometimes I'll use them at the same time if Im in a hurry.

    4) I take my second dose of minocycline several hours later.

    5) I rub in cetaphil moisturizer as needed. (Ussually in the middle of the night.) To deal with the dry itchy chaffing effects of the tret. I read that alot of people use it w/ accutane too. Another one I have but have yet to try is Aquaphor. I've read good things but have no first hand experience w/ it yet. This is important to me because choosing the proper moisturizer (so as not to exacerbate the problem your trying to combat) is an often neglected topic when discussing the use of tretinoin and isotretinoin.

    I also take vitamin D, and vitamin b5, but im not sure if those really do anything for serious acne vulgaris cases. Those probably only work for minor cases or cases that part of the cause was a severe deficiency in those vitamins. Kinda like those weight loss supps that have nothing but vit's and min's in them. They wont do anything for someone who allready had a good diet and supp regimen.

  22. awesome post bro!
  23. Reply

    OTC Nizoral as a body wash.

  24. Oral antibiotics are best. Safe, effective, and fast acting. Creams and lotions take too long to work and are mild. B5 is hit or miss. Accutane has a negative impact on lipids for some people, and that's bad when used with AS. Only catch with oral antiobiotics is they shouldn't be used for more than 4 weeks per year because you run the risk of developing resistance to them and they also destroy beneficial bacteria.

    But outside of steroid use, creams/lotions are best because they are safest for long-term use

  25. topical tretnoin gel is workin well combating my acne


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