Question on Synovex Transdermal

  1. Question on Synovex Transdermal

    I already did the conversion using BDC's method, about 6 months ago, and have been storing the test base and binder in a mason jar. Anyways, my question pertains to the amount of final product derived from the conversion. I put half powder in 1 jar and half in another jar. Dont ask, its just the way I did it for some reason. My dumb ass cannot remember for the life of me whether or not I combined the two together for just one jar. I have found one jar and I want to know what others final conversions amounted to. I have approxamately 6 tablespoons of powder (binder and test base) and want to know if this is well under what others got from the conversion (meaning I need to hunt for the other jar) or is this is spot on. Hope this is clear enough for you guys, I know the easy way would be to get a digital scale, but Im looking for a quick answer right now. Thanks

  2. I got 15grams, more than 6tbsp though it seemed.

  3. Actually, 6 tbsp is about 19 grams of powder. The density will vary a little so that is an approximation. 19 grams is a lot for a conversion of 10 carts.

  4. Thanks for the responses guys, 6 tbsp was a guesstimation, but close enough. But its with binder as well, so Im not sure how much that takes up.

    Just want to make sure so that when I mix it up I will know if I am putting in 8 g of test or 16 g.

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