serious thyroid problem!!!!!

  1. serious thyroid problem!!!!!

    Hey fellas,

    I am really worried and I was hoping someone in here is either familiar with my situation or is a doctor as well as a bodybuilder. I just had my thyroid checked and here are the results. It looks real wierd.

    TSH- 2.652 ug/dL reference range ( .350-5.500)
    T4 - 3.8 " " " " ( 4.5 - 12.0 )
    T3 - 230 " " " " ( 24 - 39 )
    Free T4 - 8.7 " " " " ( 1.2 - 4.9 )

    As you can see this **** is messed up. By the way the 230 is correct reading. I though it was a mistake and I called the lab and they confirmed that it is 10 times higher than normal.

    The wierd part is the TSH is in the normal range but the Free T4 is high and the regular binded T4 is low. Are these results possible. The 230 T3 is freking me out. I am really worried or is this normal because of my cycle. I am currently taking:

    Just finishing my 40 days if IGF1-LR3
    I am almost done with the Clenbuterol 160mg/day
    I still have 3 weeks of Trenbolone combo left to go.

    Is this the reason my thyroid is crazy or is this something else.
    It seems like I have the signs of hyper-thyroidism.
    Is this maybe a Putuitary problem. I thought not since the TSH is normal range. This would indicate the Thyroid as the culprit. Has anyone else had figures like this. One is high the other is low it does not make since. Can someone please help me. I can't go to the doctor for certain reasons of my job. So I really need to rely on you guys to hook me up please.

    Thanks for whatever you fellas can contribute. It is greatly appreciated.

  2. tren and clen...sounds like a fun cycle *cough*

    was the bloodwork for your job, or did you get it on your own?

    i suspect after the cycle is over your levels will normalize. those are some of harshest and strongest chemicals in the BBing world. i wouldnt be surprised if the doc thought i was a diabetic pregnant alien if i was taking what you're taking and got bloodwork done...

  3. My initial guess would be the Tren. I believe I read something about Tren affecting thyroid levels. Something about it increasing the rate of which T4 turns to T3, not exactly sure, I'd have to search the database.

    I do have some questions though,

    Did you run Test with any of that? and

    How much weight did you lose on a stack like that? How were your results?

  4. Well RSX-S,

    First, I want to say thanks for the reply. No, I did not run any test with the cycle. I actually used some Turinabol for a few weeks. I have basically been taking 300mg of Tren blend for the last 8 weeks and doing 60mcg of IGF-1. I have firmed up along with added size. I was probably about 15% bodyfat @ 245. Now I am 250 @ 7 or 8% bodyfat. So I have realistically put on 10-15 lbs of SOLID muscle. The transformation has been almost to good. I wanted to change but not this drastic because of my job. I wanted to do it suddlly so not to raise any suspicion. Tren has always worked very well for me. I really worked out hard this time to the point of puking every routine. The diet was key this time. I hate contest clean. VERY CLEAN. By the way I tried this supplement for the first time after hearing about it for a long time. NO-Xplode. **** this stuff is pretty darn good. I liked the pumps. I have been looking for that article you mentioned about the Tren affects on the Thyroid. I hope that is all it is. I asked a professional Bodybuilder of mine and they sid that the T-3 at 230 was not good. That is when I got scared. I am going back to the lab where I had it done in a couple of weeks and see if the results are different. Thanks for any future help. I really rely on this forum sometimes to get some good helpful info. By the way i don't post as often but I have been bodybuilding and using stuff for many years and I am very knowledgable about all the first hand experiences so if you ever need some guidance on what works and doesn't let me know. I just wish that there was something that can be taken to help us get taller. LOL.... I can only get wider and thicker. Standing at 5'10" I am very large at 255 and 7% bodyfat but I sure wish I could grow vertically and put on some more mass and spread it out a little better. I think 6'2" is the perfect height to look massive but not lanky. maybe someday our fearless leaders in the Pharmacy world will discover a height pill. Hmmm. Can you say billionaires.........


  5. That is awefully high. Hell even on decent doses of t-3 mine wasn't that high.

  6. Message DR D he's the thyroid guru

  7. Probably cycle related. Thyroid tests are also notoriously fickle. I would get retested prior to committing to any course of action.

  8. Thanks fellas. And yes Jayhawk I freaked out at the results too. I have been using for many years and T-3 has never done this to me. I am concerned as well. I am stopping the cycle and will wait a couple weeks to maybe get retested. the 230 for the T-3 is just driving me nuts. I don't know what to think.


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