Have gyno already. Thinking about PH...

  1. Have gyno already. Thinking about PH...

    Wanna do a PH cycle sometime this summer.

    I already have gyno from 10 years natural high-intensity gym work. Wanna get surgery ... GRRRRRR... Looking like a gurl that's taken half the juice in the world...

    So... Do I do my PH and my tits WILL get worse? Do I take an anti-estrogen and my tits get smaller?

    Thanks for advice.

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    Hmmm I am anti-pro as it doesn't compare to AAS but that's up to you to decide, I can't force you to take something your not sure of. As for the Gyno, is it that bad that you need surgery? What did the Doc say, or did you even get it checked??????

  3. gyno is caused by hormone fluctuations I dont think, unless you severely overtrained hut down your natural test production and kept it shut down for awhile, you coukd have gotten gyno just from working out. You can get it from pubescent hormone fluctuations or certain medications.

  4. to answer your question however any aromatizing AAS or PH wil agravate a preexisting case of gyno soooo if you really want to try them you have two options
    1. use non aromatizing ph 1-test 3alpha etc
    2. Use aromatizing ph but start a lero or femara or another anti aromatose cycle three days before your first application the three days will get most estrogen out of your system

  5. It may make it worse . If you got gyno before when doing nothing you are VERY high risk to make it worse.. I would not recomend it even with a anti-e. Anti-e's don't get rid of 100% of the estrogen so it will go up... I personally would not risk it but if you were to do it do 1-test and still run an anti-e with it. Stay away from nor,4-ad .. TTY
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  6. Is there a reason why youd run an anti e with 1test ? not to question your inteligence but it is impossible for it to aromatize now post cycle your e will rebound so then you will want an ant-e but im just curious why you thinnk it would be necessary during the cycle.

  7. To be safe.. It is not suposed to aromatize but there may be a possibility that small amounts get converted and even very small amount would not be good for you with gyno. Thats all. Just cover all the bases if you are going to do it. AND make sure for sure after the cycle you have enough for about 3 weeks from the rebound .. I woul dplay it VERY safe if i were you.. TTY
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  8. hmmmm i guess if there were impurities in your 1-test THEY might aromatize but the 1-test itself does not have that as a chemical possibility i dont think.... someone who is smarter than me back me up on this?

  9. 1-test is not suposed to aromatize but how many studies are there on the subject?? Not very many.. Just cover all your bases is all i am saying. I know it does not aromatize but I would not risk it.. TTY
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  10. cool not arguing just asking

  11. Me neither... TTY
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  12. For background info, everyone in my family has gyno... And these are people who don't train. So it is genetically bred into me... And of course training hard has had some pretty big influence on my test level ... I can REALLY feel the difference... Libido goes WAY up, and all the other symptoms of elevated test also... I get zits when I start working out...

    Well, if the 1-Test doesn't aromatize, that's good... But *WHAT* *IF* taking the 1-Test will make my natural testosterone aromatize MORE or more easily? Is that something that is studied? I'll bet not, unless by seomeone who will make more money selling anti-aromatase products than PH themselves...

    About seeing the doctor, well I went to get a mammography (don't laugh!!) and the woman examining me asked me, and I quote... "So, do you have any problems with your breasts?" OK now you guys can laugh...

    I'm seeing the doc again with all the bloodwork (I made sure I trained hard the 3-4 days before they took the samples) and the mammography so as to get surgery done... I was wondering if taking anti-aromatase products would diminish my gyno, but seeing from this thread, I guess not...

    So that's that I guess...

  13. Sheesh, sounds like you have it really bad if the doc can joke about it. I would not start any ph's until you have surgery.
    The good news is that surgery will remove tissue that can contribute to gyno in your future cycles..

  14. No, the doc wasn't joking about it... She was asking professional questions... I went "Well, the problem I have with my breasts is I HAVE THEM! I'm a MAN and real MEN don't have tits." She didn't reply. It was an intensely strange moment.

  15. I found actually that 1-test eliminated my prepubescent gyno in my first cycle and i justified this in this way. as your body respond to the external androgens it shuts down your natural test production. There is after 2 weeks or so nothing left to aromatize. With no estrogen in your system your estrogen receptors will begin to clear, people who are prone to gyno have lots of estrogen receptors in their chest region. In my case what I thought was real gyno was probably just a little fat deposition in my chest but if you take nolvadex in conjunction with a non aromatizing steroid you will probably see a lessesning of fat around your chest which in my case left nothing but in your case may leave just the small buds of glandular growth, since the only way to remove that growth is surgery.

  16. Whoa, dude! Sounds FANTASTIC!!! I'mma do that REAL SOON NOW, I can't wait to get rid of this! The girls say it looks sexy, but I say it looks like budding tits!


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