Product to minimize bloat while on?

  1. Product to minimize bloat while on?

    I'm soon to be starting a test cycle over the next couple of months, and currently Im looking for a product that will help me keep bloat down when on without crushing my estrogen levels.

    I have heard that 1 cap of rebound reloaded at night will help, can anyone confirm or deny?

    If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.


  2. could could letrozole, adex or dandelion root

    best thing to do is have an extremely clean diet with low sodium and lots of water

  3. arimidex

  4. Quote Originally Posted by -bman- View Post
    second that

  5. I third that

  6. Transdermal formestane

  7. According to several sites Letrozole is much more active than armidex..

    Anyone experience or have opinions on this?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by ShapeUP View Post
    According to several sites Letrozole is much more active than armidex..

    Anyone experience or have opinions on this?
    I've used letro. Letro is really hard on you, and I'm looking for something a little less extreme. I don't bloat bad enough to need something that strong.

  9. I'm going with arimidex... if you are on cycle (with a compond that is a little more "wet" i.e. test... if it is a dryer compound with very little estrogen conversion you might bring estrogen levels down too much, so I would just go with a low dose SERM... it would help recovery too...) it will control bloat and won't COMPLETELY crush your estrogen levels... just take .25 or .5mg EOD or E3D... If you control the level of potassium in your system than Aldosterone decreases... the main hormone that controls water retention. Lower potassium=lower aldosterone=lower bloat. But keep drinking water... if you control estrogen and aldosterone, water can only benefit you... if you cut water out, it is possible that a negative feedback loop will develop and aldosterone will retain as much water as possible since your body is not getting enough... remember, muscle is 60-75% water, so you dont want to cut back on that...

  10. yea formestane worked really well for me. liquidex doesnt do much maybe as i ran it with nolva - next time il just run the liquidex


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