Pro's Con's of a PH over injectable steriods or vice versa

  1. Pro's Con's of a PH over injectable steriods or vice versa

    Ok...let's hear what u guys think some PH's can be as hard if not harder on the liver and other organs, but no one like putting a neddle in their a**. Let's hear your guys take and give examples of cycles you've taken and how they compare..

  2. Pros of PH's- You don't have to carry around needles and stick yourself or get someone to stick you. They are legal

    Cons of injectible steroids- you have to carry around needles and stick yourself or get someone to stick you. They are illegal

    Other than that all the pros fall into injectable and most of the cons fall into PH's.

  3. I agree with you Jay. But one more pro for PH's (and I'm assuming you mean PH's and Designer AAS) is that you have the ability to have faster gains. Now this could be a pro and a con becuase it will be harder to manage and keep those gains.

    I know someone will chime in and say that short esters produce quick results. But those results are not the same as compared to something like superdrol.

  4. Granted it's only a small part of the big picture, but there are other issues with injecting. Scar tissue, risking infection, using fake gear, getting ripped off, etc.

  5. Pills are awfully easy to conceal.

    Injectibles take longer to produce results as noted. People will tend to run injectibles for really looong cycles which tends to put the body under stress much longer than with orals.

    The basic month long oral cycle has a built in safety mechanism in the sense that most people who do use them know they shouldn't consider running many cycles a year or using them for too long.

    People often forget that there are some very mild PH/PS out there. Liver stress is just one issue. Injectibles can be quite harsh in other ways too.

    Another issue is that you really do need to be consistent and know how to bodybuild to reap the benefits of long ester injects (once the blood levels stabilize). Most people that know how to put food in their mouth and at least some protein can take superdrol and gain quite a bit of muscle (even if only 1/2 of it was kept post cycle with a crappy pct plan).

  6. Prohormones are legal?

  7. Some are some aren't. You have to check the scheduling.

    Regardless which way you go you have to worry about bunk gear but with most of the pinned stuff it has a long history and with many of the designer stuff you have little to none to know long term risks.

  8. Keep em' coming


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