I threw this table together to use as a reference, and figured I'd share it with the rest of AM.


Test Base 1
Test Propionate 0.800105
Test Phenylisocaproate 0.66064
Test Isocaproate 0.71647
Test Decanoate 0.62883
Test Enanthate 0.69234
Test Cypionate 0.69905
Sustanon 250 0.67370
Sustanon 100 0.70734

Tren Base 1
Tren Acetate 0.87213
Tren Enanthate 0.71864

Bold Base 1
Bold Acetate 0.83152
Bold Propionate 0.79897
Bold Undecylenate 0.63271
Bold Cypionate 0.69684

How to use this table:

Saponification Example: To calculate how much test base you can make from test prop, multiply the mass of test prop you have by the number given to the right of t-prop on the table.

Cross-referencing esters: Say you want to find out how to get the same amount of testosterone as 200mg Test E with Test prop. Multiply 200mg * (number to the right of test prop/number to the right of Test E). You should get 231.13mg as your answer.