are these clomid side effects?

  1. are these clomid side effects?

    I started clomid 4 days ago, and now today I am in bad shape. All day I have had a KILLER stomach ache, hot flashes. I vomited a few times already, my stomach just hurts so bad I dont know what to do. Are these effects simular to what some of u guys have ever got? thanks

    ALso if this is the clomid doing this, would nolva do the same too? Cause I need something post cycle =/
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  2. I dont know if the clomid is doing all that, the hot flashes maybe but I do nolva and I get none of that. You may want to give that a shot.

  3. ya maybe i just have the flu or something, i need to know though

  4. Clomid won't do any of those to you, maybe the hot flashes. The sickness stuff wouldn't be caused by it though.

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