Supplementing Superdrol with Methyl 1-P

  1. Supplementing Superdrol with Methyl 1-P

    Ok...I'm doin a cycle of superdrol and everything is cool so far. Yes, decided to try a PH because I was gonna do a natural competition but i found out how easy it is for others to cheat the system so i'm not gonna do it. So, i'm take a few years off and try and do a NPC competition at 23 or so. I'm 5'8" 186 and about 7% body fat. No sides other than cramps but when i bump up to 6-7 g a day they are bearable. I have gain about 7 pounds in a week and everything is good but i was thinking about stacking it with Methyl 1-P because of the estrogen control complex.
    Example of cycle...I started my second week today

    Week 1
    10 mg Superdrol
    Health Supplements
    RYR 1200 mg
    Saw Palmetto 560 mg or so
    Milk Thistle 1300 mg
    Taurine 6-7 g
    CoQ-10 100 mg

    Week 2
    20 mg Superdrol
    3 caps a day Methyl 1-P
    Health Stack

    Week 3
    Aaaaa maybe 30 mg superdrol if no sides, but prolly stick with 20 mg seeing great gains
    Health Stack
    3 Caps Methyl 1-P

    Week 4-5
    Methyl 1-P 6 caps
    Will be cutting these weeks
    Health Stack

    Week 6
    60 mg Nolva
    Health Stack
    6-OXO or Nolvadex XT

    Week 7
    40 mg Nolva
    Health Stack
    6-OXO or Nolvadex XT

    Ok...Everyone please only give useful information no bashing. This is my first cycle and i've done tons of research on these products, but i want to stack with Methyl 1-P to limit estrogen conversion even though no sides yet. I also think it would help keep the muscle though cutting.
    PH..blood work done Friday everything is fine and blood pressure was 3 point away from being perfect.
    Thanks Pumps

  2. SD gives you pretty dry gains, so I don't understand why you need to use methyl1p to control estrogen. Also you should get blood work done after 3 weeks of SD and you will find out that your cholesterol went to ****. Adding methyl-1p is not very wise. You can run separate cycle after taking a break from SD cycle.

  3. Sound good. I was just wondering others views on it and i am having good gains just on the superdrol so i'll prolly just stay on just that. I'm gettin blood work done every friday.

  4. Cool. If it's not broken why fix it? Right?

  5. M1P is a progestin product which didn't get very good reviews from users. If you've already bought it, then I'd save it for another cycle. Superdrol is pretty strong in of itself.

  6. superdrol is a straight beast. you will love it.

  7. I had a friend gain almost 20lbs from a 4 week masterdrol/M1-P cycle.....Masterdrol 10/20/20/30 and M1-P 2/3/3/4. He was eating alot of cals and gained a few lbs bodyfat maybe 2~3lbs nothing major. Kept 15lbs
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  8. Here is a thing about me, I personally wouldn't like to gain 20lb in 4 weeks. I've done it before and my body hated me for that. Blood pressure goes up and I start feeling like ****.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    I had a friend gain almost 20lbs from a 4 week masterdrol/M1-P cycle.....Masterdrol 10/20/20/30 and M1-P 2/3/3/4. He was eating alot of cals and gained a few lbs bodyfat maybe 2~3lbs nothing major. Kept 15lbs
    That was from the masterdrol.

  10. I have to say Superdrol is a beast by itself gained 10 pounds zero sides other than pumps knock on wood. I think im gonna save the Methyl 1-P for a cut cycle. Blood work tomorrow and my blood pressure was 110/60 last week we will see. But i haven't gained any bodyfat in fact i look pretty ripped for how much i weight but my bodyfat is never higher than 10 i won't let it happen.

  11. Sounds good. Let us know how your blood work turned out.

  12. your liver is going to hate you if you take superdrol with another oral. also for for pct i would go with

    week 6 40mg
    week 7 40mg
    week 8 20mg
    week 9 20mg
    week 10 10 mg optional. but you deffiantly need more then 2 weeks of pct.

    you dont need 6-oxo or nolvadex xt if your running nolva. and i wouldn't run sd without nolva.

  13. O my bad yeah i'ma running Nolva for 4 weeks i messed up when i wrote my supplement plan.

  14. ok good! had me worried there.. but 60mg is to high. i would start 40mg and taper down from there.

  15. Yeah im goin to...Good news as of today i've gained 12 pounds. I was wondering after this i wanted to do a cut cycle, but would it be benifical to wait until after the PCT or could i do it like two weeks in. I don't want to lose the lean gains but i want to be at about 5-6% bodyfat in spring like i usually im. Any suggessions i was thinking about using a ECA stack or clen, albuterol just for their seemlying catabolic properties, i've heard from many people on here that they've imcluded clen or albuterol in PCT and were fine. I get my blood results on monday and i checked my PB and it was 115/60.

  16. Ok blood results were okay just a few point difference on HDL and LDL levels between weeks 1 and 2. But, I've heard the major difference is the third week so we will have to see. I also was wondering whether i should bump up to 30 mg a day because i haven't noticed really any serious side(lol tell that to my liver right) but my liver enzymes were okay to so what do u guys think.

  17. superdrol is best when used for cutting.

    took this off BigCat wrote it.

    The REAL superdrol Write-Up

    The confusion surrounding superdrol is the result of an ill-conceived name, given to this substance, probably for marketing purposes. Which ever idiot came up with the name or first starting suggesting that superdrol has anything in common with oxymetholone (Anadrol) has thoroughly demonstrated that he/she lacks any and all insight in biochemistry. Other than the fact that both are 5alpha-reduced anabolic androgenic steroids, they have very little if anything in common.

    Superdrol is a compound that was known for some time prior to it being known as such. I for one came in contact with the drug following the debate surrounding IP‚€™s equally ill-named product called ‚€˜oral Masteron‚€™, which ended up being nothing more than mestanolone (17alpha-methyl-DHT). Mestanolone is actually oral DHT (if for arguments sake we suggest that the addition of 17alpha-methyl group indicates the compound as being the oral of the parent steroid, which is not strictly true). I commented that to be oral masteron it would have to be 2alpha-methyl-mestanolone, or more aptly 17alpha-methyl-drostanolone (drostanolone being Masteron). That is what we called the product back then, 17alpha-methyl-drostanolone. That was only a few years ago. But it seems somehow inconceivable that this compound hadn‚€™t been investigated decades before. So it probably has an even longer history.

    From this you can also already deduce that ‚€˜superdrol‚€™ is in actuality a cross between drostanolone and mestanolone, since it has the 2alpha-methyl group of drostanolone and the 17alpha-methyl-group of mestanolone. Oxymetholone is an entirely different compound, which differs from superdrol by substitution of the 2-methyl group with a 2-hydroxymethylene group. A methyl group is completely inert, since it is apolar. It confers no special biochemical properties upon the group, it is merely steric bulk. Which is exactly its purpose. It provides steric hindrance for 3alpha- and 3beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzymes, so that in contrast to mestanolone, the product is not deactivated in muscle tissue so fast. Mestanolone is nearly inactive as an anabolic substance, because it is rapidly deactivated to 3-hydroxy metabolites. Because the 2-methyl group reduces binding of the enzymes that catalyze this, it reduces the rate of deactivation and superdrol, in contrast to mestanolone, has some anabolic activity.

    Oxymetholone on the other hand has a hydroxylated carbon attached to the 2nd carbon, a polar group that is chemically reactive. That carbon is also double-bonded tot the steran nucleus, which further increases reactivity of the oxygen atom. By what mechanisms is not exactly clear yet, but this gives oxymetholone some rather unique properties, likely due to interaction with other structures that most AAS do not, or barely interact with. To illustrate I uploaded the following drawing. It shows superdrol as the cross of mestanolone and drostanolone, and underneath mestanolone is oxymetholone, since oxymetholone is also a derivative of mestanolone.

    Anabolic activity : Because of the added 17alpha-methyl group, superdrol is less succeptible to metabolic deactivation. It cannot form 17-keto-steroids, and the likelihood of 16-hydroxylations is considerably reduced as well, due to this addition. This means it probably stays active longer than does drostanolone and is excreted at a lower rate. Unfortunately, the 2-methyl-group already reduces binding to the androgen receptor (1) and the 17alpha-methyl group further reduces it (1). This seems to even out the odds for superdrol, giving it roughly the same amount of anabolic activity as drostanolone. That means superdrol is by no means a serious muscle builder, except perhaps to those smaller in stature or as of yet unexperienced with other anabolic androgenic steroids. This puts its anabolic activity in the neighbourhood of other non-aromatizing, weak oral androgens, such as Anavar (oxandrolone), Winstrol (Stanozolol) and Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone).

    Androgenic activity : Comparing it to these other weak, oral, non-aromatizing androgens, the androgenic activity is considerably less than for halotestin, but considerably higher than for winstrol and anavar. The reason being that despite increased activity in muscle compared to mestanolone, deactivation is still stronger in muscle (the 2-methyl group reduces but does not eliminate reduction of the 3-keto function (2)). And contrary to popular belief, a non-deactivated DHT does still not have the same level of activity in muscle as it does in androgenic target tissues. Androgenic side-effects rarely occur in healthy young men, but if you have reason to fear such effects, than superdrol is probably the poorer choice when compared to anavar or winstrol. A lot of athletes however seem to suggest that using stronger androgens seems to increase muscle density when body-fat is low. And while this is a rather subjective trait, this does seem to hold true for superdrol as well. In which case it would then probably be a better choice than the other mentioned oral steroids.

    Estrogenic/Progestagenic activity : Like most 5-alpha-reduced steroids, this product has no estrogenic activity. Neither mestanolone nor drostanolone are capable of aromatization either. Whoever is producing this stuff now seems to want to convey that it is a major plus that this does not have estrogenic effects like oxymetholone, but first off, remember that this steroid has NOTHING in common with oxymetholone and secondly, the perceived estrogenic effects of oxymetholone have never been established as being estrogenic, because despite massive bloating, the prevalence of estrogenic side-effects with oxymetholone remains low when used with other AAS to non-existent when used alone. Whether or not this drug still has anti-estrogenic activity like drostanolone is questionable. I certainly wouldn‚€™t count on it.

    Liver-toxicity : The hepatoxicity of this compound is rather high. That may have been one of the reasons no one has marketed or researched such a compound for pharmaceutical use before. In all instances I observed personally (which were admittedly only 4 instances of use of 40 mg/day for 6 weeks), liver values were elevated above acceptable levels, and considerably elevated above the values seen for the same duration of time with equal (dbol) or higher (Anavar, Anadrol, Winstrol) doses of other commonly (ab)used oral steroids. Use should therefore definitely be restricted to 30-40 mg/day for 6 weeks. If higher doses are used, or compound is used for a longer period of time, liver values should be checked at regular intervals.

    Stacking and use : It should be quite obvious that the use of this compound (at least to the experienced steroid user) will be limited to cutting purposes. For the same amount of money there are simply far more suitable compounds for gaining muscle mass. As with most oral steroids (with notable exception of Halotestin) I would advise against using it alone, in conjunction with other oral steroids, or in the last week of a cycle. This because most 17alpha-alkylated androgens are known to increase glucocorticoid receptor density (3) and result in increased loss of muscle mass post-cycle. An added reason for not using it with other oral steroids is the increased risk for hepatoxic side-effects.


    (1) Ojasoo T, Raynaud JP.Unique steroid congeners for receptor studies.Cancer Res. 1978 Nov;38(11 Pt 2):4186-98

    (2) de Boer D, de Jong EG, Maes RA, van Rossum JM.The methyl-5 alpha-dihydrotestosterones mesterolone and drostanolone; gas chromatographic/mass spectrometric characterization of the urinary metabolites.J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 1992 May;42(3-4):411-9.

    (3) Fernandez L, Boada LD, Luzardo OP, Zumbado M, Lopez A, Diaz-Chico BN, Chirino R.[3H]dexamethasone binding activity in liver microsomes is modulated differently by 17 alpha-alkylated androgens and testosterone in vivo.Pharmacol Toxicol. 1995 Oct;77(4):264-9.

  18. Damn cool info Quinc and i was wondering about cutting after a my cycle. So after i have this a have a question i have 100 tabs of 20 mcg clenbuterol. so should i run a cycle with the superdrol since i still have a week or two left or should it be used with the Nolva when im cutting because of the seemlying anti-catabolic properties of Clen. I just want to keep about 80% of the gains i've gotten while cuttin because i know it's impossible to keep 100% of the gains. Another thing i was thinking about was a three week blitz or so of Winstrol after this week then starting the PCT. Like i said i have done a lot of research on my cycle, but i'm a new comer so any information on an changes i could make would help. Thanks


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