never used AS before

  1. never used AS before

    Ok so most people dont belive me but i honestly have never uses anthing other than 1 test, 4ad, 5aa and 1,4. I have decided to give tren a try (dermal) of course, iwas tinking

    6g tren
    5g 5aa
    4g 1,4
    in a bottle of tgel allog with a bottle of t4.
    3 squirts a day of each
    app set up
    2/1 and then 1/2
    or 2/2 and 1/1
    or mix them together in a larger bottle and go 3 and 3.

    havent made up my mind yet. I figure it help me harden up and lean out some. Im not real worried about strength cause im about where i wanna be but any increase is welcome. Imalso gonna stack ucp1 and some r-ala with it as well. I went from 286-276 on ucp1 with no cardio and a (see food)'' diet. comments?

  2. why not save teh ucp-1 till after your post cycle? just curious why you would use a fat loss product when you are on a "see food" diet

  3. well I was testing the effectiveness of ucp1 without proper diet so that i could test it with a proper diet and compare the results.

  4. that is a coctail there bro, should be some lean gains, definitely a hardening stack. Very cool with the ucp-1, I'm liking it too, about 6 lbs so far (last day though). What's the diet going to be with this one?

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