Given the choice, even we'd take the pills over the vaccination, but a new Israeli startup is hoping to ease the fears so commonly associated with needles. NanoPass Technologies is working to develop its "proprietary intradermal drug delivery technology," which supposedly deliver injections without the painful side effects by actually not reaching the nerve endings of the skin. Based on MicroPyramids, which are manufactured by MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems), the pure silicone crystals are used in extremely diminutive microneedles for intradermal injections, and the tip of the device measures less than one-micrometer in diameter. The company touts its pain-free technology (sound familiar?) as a breakthrough that is "non-intimitdating," which should reduce the likelihood of fainting both youngsters (okay, and adults) face when dealing with needles, and is even said to be easier to administer. Unfortunately, we've got no good news proclaiming that these will be replacing intramuscular and subcutaneous methods later this week.

Could this work for roids?