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    You guys dont really know me but my name is Tim and Im 21 years old. Ive been lurking here for a long time. I started college at a scrawny 128 pounds at around 8% body fat. I started lifting my freshmen year and ended out my freshmen year at around 150 totally natural no creatine no supplemental protein nothin. When I started my sophmore year I was 150 at around 9% bf and during my sophmore year I did two ph cycles 1 of just 4ad at 600 mg a day transdermal and one of 1t 4ad at 300, 600 respectively. I ended my sophmore yar at a much larger 168 at 10% bf and now after cutting I am 162 @ 8% so in my two years of college I have put on 34 pounds not to shabby.... a chief factor in this may be that at one point in time I weighed 175 pudgy and then I started running and dropped down to were I was when I started college. Any way thank you guys for sharing all your knowledge without me contributing any of mine. I wil try and contribute what I know in conversations forthwith.

    edit by the way Im only 5' 7" or 5 ' 8" so 162 isnt super lite just on the lite side Ive still got a ways to go but im comin fast
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  2. Sweet, congrats on your success bro, and we wish you much more.

  3. good job keep liftin brutha

  4. Keep up the work bro...and congrats!
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  5. Congrads on the body change. Great Job!

  6. thanks guys youve all really helped me though you dont know it

  7. Wow, sounds good. So you went from 175 in HS down to 128, then back up to 168? Damn.

    Of your two ph cycles, which worked better for you?

    Any why did MatthewD edit your post?

  8. not sure why he edited it yea I know I got kind of insane in highschool plus i switched sports from football to soccer coach had us running 10 miles a practice so i started runing 6 miles off and on season. Then i went to play in college and our team sucked i got sick of the coaches methods so I quit after freshman season and started trying to put some weight back on. My first cycle of 4ad was pretty incredible I got tons of comments and it was after that that I was at my heaviest. I then cut down using usnic acid and went a little to far so I ran my second cycle to rebound while staying lean and that worked pretty well for what it was intended to do. I like both compounds for different things, but next year for bulking Im buying 200 grms of 4ad and enough homebrew stuff to make a bunch of bottles and running 1000 mgs a day plus 1 mg liquidex. Not sure if Im going to run a cycle this summer or not but I probably will after a nice long break and some natural gains. Ive been off for about 7 weeks right now so I m starting to look at whats available again.

  9. I edited it because of a small spelling mistake, success I was hoping it would change the main title for him. Nothing bad at all in it..

  10. Its funny that I got a perfect verbal on my SAT yet when i spell online Im horrible. I can spell I swear but when im typing fast I rely on spellcheck.

  11. Great work bro! I know how tough it is to keep focused with all the other distractions going on at school.

    Don't forget to give credit to the mother of all supplements - DORMFOOD!

  12. You should have heard my fraternity brothers this year when I told them I wasnt drinking at all they flipped **** it was pretty funny. During pledging I was knee deep in my 4ad cycle and I was a pledgemaster it was fun to say the least.

  13. maggmaster- its kinda weird to find someone out there with the same story as me! same weight gain and everything, although im only to 155-160 range right now.
    keep up the good work, and keep eating!

  14. 4ad + pledges= i know the feeling.

  15. yead eude thanks


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