Help with Epistane / T3 / possible superdrol cycle....

  1. Help with Epistane / T3 / possible superdrol cycle....

    Hey everyone!!

    well here is where i am at.. I am looking for a lean cycle of adding mass, but still staying dry.. I am at 238LBS / 5'11, and about 23%BF... I would be doing something like this

    week 1-4 Epistane @ 40mgs
    week 1-2 [email protected] 20-30mgs
    week 1-8 T3 @ 30mcgs ramping up to 100mcgs @end of week 1, slimming back down at week 7 to 40mcgs-20mcgs

    pct will include 6-oxo / axis HT, and TRIB

    i am doing 1hr of cardio eod, and lifting 6days split, one body part perday.
    should i take anything else with this (i.e. hawthorn berry, milkthistle, etc etc)
    I appreciate your help in advance!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Im far from an expert, and it looks like an interesting stack, heres my opinions and input:

    Extend the epistane week 1-6(if cost allows) it really appears from what Ive seen epistane is looking good for longer durations.

    Make sure you have some real nolvadex on hand just in case you get any problems after stopping the superdrol(although epistane appears to be a fantastic anti-gyno from the feedback, and may help combat any delayed gyno from superdrol)

    Pre-Load and take these at least while on the SD:

    Red Yeast Rice,Milk Thistle,N-Acetyl Cysteine, Hawthorn Berry, CO Q10, Policosanol,Saw Palmetto,Fish oils,maybe throw in some Zinc, a good Multivitamin and some Vitamin C if your not already taking any of this.

  3. Thanks road block! yeah i was just thinking and i really wanted to try something new... I figure since i have taken SD in the past without any gyno issues, i should be fine and taking considerations about the anti e's in the epistane i should be even better the biggest thing now is just like you said, getting the additional supps for cycle suppt.. im goin to see where to get some of those afforementioned, and i think ill run a log while i do this incase anyone is interested... what are your thoughts of doing this......

    instead of runnin the epistane 1-6, make it the whole 1-8? do you think it might be a bit much, and then also running the SD weeks 1-2, take wk 3,4,5 off then kick it back wk 6-7 ?????? any takers?????


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