gyno signs or bloat

  1. gyno signs or bloat

    I picked up a bot of T1 pro a couple of months back and began my first cycle after doing my research. During my first week I noticed puffy nipples and some tenderness (but could have been me squeezing them all the time, paranoia) I did notice a lump on the left side prior to the cycle so when the puffiness showed up I kicked in the nolva and abandoned the cycle. Since then I'm looking at a another cycle to help me rebound from two months of injury and related loss of mass. So the long and short are the puffy nipples an expected thing early on in the cycle, possibly just a bit of bloat? Or should I chalk it up to be predisposed to gyno and this is the road for me.

    Thanks for any advice

  2. First off, tenderness doesn't automatically mean gyno, your nips and get tender with out progressing to full grown gyno. ALso what was the dose you were using?

    If you feel you are predisposed to gyno just buy extra nolva and run it through out the cycle.

  3. I guess that is my question is the little puffyness and tenderness to be expected to an extent?

    I was using 2.5 squirts a day

  4. Yep I think curt2go commented he gets tender and puffy every time he uses 4-AD but it never progresses to gyno.

  5. Same here puffy and sore around the third week but never full blown gyno. You can drop the 4ad and run straight 1-test you will just have serious lethargy or you can run nolva throughout like elijah said.

  6. Puffy nipples do not mean bud's ready to bloom. Run some Dex/Femera the whole cycle and have all your goodies on hand just in case you need to kill it.


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