Test cyp.and D-Bol stacked

  1. Test cyp.and D-Bol stacked

    I have been studying the test,deca,dbol stack and was wondering if you took the test cyp.250 twice a week 500 mg.and 30 mg.daily of dbol would this be ok or does the deca make that big of a difference?Would like to hear some feedback on this since im looking at this.

  2. How long are you planning to run this? Is this your first cycle?
    How many weeks are you planning on taking dbol? A little more info would help people answer you better.

  3. I plan on running the test for 10 weeks and the dbol for about 6 weeks max.This will be my 4th cycle,but ive never ran dbol before just so-250 test cyp,a-50 for a few

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