Superdrol clones which one?

  1. Superdrol clones which one?

    After my current cycle is over the next one I want to try is a superdrol one but can only find/buy CEL M-drol, what other manufacturers make one besides these and is one preferred?- IDS(oxodrol discont.), WebberPharm(oxodrol discont.), EST methyl vol, GAT methyl depot, AnabolicExtreme superdrol(discont.),CEL mdrol....? Nevermind I will just search alot, im sure this has been beaten to death already

  2. I just bought 3 bottles of methyl dx3. Doing my first superdrol ever, and I'm totally impressed so far. Considering I've never done prohormones before.

    Now it seems like a second wave of discontinuations is begining. I'm wondering if a stock up is in order. Methy dx seems to be out of stock, methy plex, and oxydrol. I know where to get some m-drol, considering getting ahead of a possible shortage.

    Methy vol has that dreaded no explode crap in it, which I despise, so I'm not buying any of that.

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