Good Stacks....

  1. Good Stacks....

    taking my Vitamins,fish oil.any other healthy supps to through in the mix ?? getting some Cell Mass(BSN Creatine).got my Protein in check.

  2. this is the steroids forum.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by doodle View Post
    this is the steroids forum.

    oh ya ?? haha. figured i post this in here, since im runnning a lil cycle. figured whats some good stuff to help during.

  4. Unbreakable
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    This is ridiculous.
    We live in a time where our planet suffers from two epidemics simultaneously - starvation and obesity.

    Look at all these little kids taking care of the music biz, don't their business take good care of me.

    I have the fire, I have the force, I have the power to make my evil take it's course.

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