Ok this is rediculous...clen again

  1. Ok this is rediculous...clen again

    I'm sorry, I see there are already to many clen threads now. But, I've taken 200mcg's of liquid clen today. Plus! I've had a pot and a half of coffee. I **** you not I'm fighting every urge to curl up in the fetal possition and pass out. I'm dead serious. Hell, I swear this stuff has a completly reverse effect on me. I better stay away from DNP, my metabolism might just come to a complete stop!

  2. Yeah everyone will react differently to things, seems your just acting very differently to clen. How are the other aspects in your life that might affect energy levels. Are your gettin enough sleep, good diet, are you currently under a lot of stress, maybe overtraining? Dont mean to ask newbie questions, just trying to help you figure it out....

  3. Are you ADD or ADHD? Stimulants will often have reverse effects. Such as ritalin makes "normal" people hyper and insomiacs but it calms ADD down.

  4. 200 mcg?! that is a hell of a lot of clen! you shouldnt need that much and maybe the higher dosages are reversing the effects.. i mean hell if you were doing the pyramid scheme dosaging you would onlyneed a maximum of 120..

  5. Well. To answer the last question, yes 200mcg's but I started at a low dose and went up because I saw no results. I'm not ADD that I know of. I'm getting 8-10 hours of sleep, and I'm eating clean. I'm on a diet but I do eat plenty. I seriously doubt I'm overtraining, I had a week off not to long ago intentionally to rest before my cut. I've had such a lack of energy that I have drastically cut my workouts from 16-20 sets to ~10-12 sets. I'm horribly discouraged.

  6. dude clen makes a lot of people sleepy.

    i just shaky as hell on clen, but at the same time also sleepy, but it works great for me

    same thing happens to my g/f.

  7. Is it the clen with ketofin in it? that will make you sleepy.

  8. I don't think it has ketofin in it. It says nothing about it and it's liquid reasearch. BTW my body tempn is 97.1 all of the time.

  9. What was your body temp. before the Clen cycle? I believe Clen raises body temp. only between .5 and 1 degree.
    William Llewellyn's Anabolics, Underground Anabolics, and SSRG ebook editions!

  10. I was sleepy as heck on clen, the only thing was if I took a nap I felt like hell afterward. Thought it was the T3 but maybe not.

    Also how are you measuring body temp, that is lower than a normal temp.

  11. You should take clen until you start to feel sides. That is the dosage to continue on with or slightly reduce it. Most feel this somewhere between 100-160mcg.
    When on clen, by the end of the day your body will often feel very worn out and tired.


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