Liquid T-3 12.5mcg dosing??? That's like 2 drops!

  1. Liquid T-3 12.5mcg dosing??? That's like 2 drops!

    Each drop is 5mcg of T-3. Would it be the best bet to start out at two drops and then titrate to three drops after a week or so?

  2. Ramp up fast, taper down slow. You won't feel 2 or 3 drops. It will takes weeks to really kick in. By the end of the week or 10 days you should be at your highest dose...If its only like 50mcg, then by the 4th day.

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  3. 5 mcg of T-3 per drop? WHere did you get it? PM me if you can't put it in here.

    ONe i have is 120mcg/ml. Does that equal 5mcg per drop or something?

  4. yes - if you got it fomr liquidsolutions - it is 125 mcg per ml - 25 drops per ml - do the math if the mcg is diff. but it is 25 drops per ml....

  5. thanks, didnt know the drops to ml ratio

  6. Originally posted by hamper19
    thanks, didnt know the drops to ml ratio****5367)

  7. Good ****, thanks!



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