First Cycle need advice

  1. First Cycle need advice

    I'm 35 and 5'11" 235lbs. at 14%bf. I'll be starting my first cycle in about a week and I just wanted to get some constructive thoughts about it. Please no smart ass notes. I'm really put off by the people on here that talk down to the people looking for honest help and advice.

    My 8 week cycle will be:
    Sustanon 250mg every 4 days
    Equipoise 250mg every 4 days

    I've got a friend trying to tell me to take Prop and Tren, but with all I've read about Tren I've decided that it's too strong for someone's first cycle. It's tempting since I'll be trying to cut in the near future but I think it's too strong for now.

    Also could you tell me about some of your experiences with the above products.

  2. if you're only looking to do an 8 weeker, than get rid of the EQ since you're gonna have to run it for at least 12. it probably wont even kick in until 7th or 8th week. if you're set on 8 weeks just do the sus @ 500/week and some dbol 30mg/day for the first four.

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