got liquid nolva - no dropper?

  1. got liquid nolva - no dropper?

    Just received my liq nolva from liq res today. There's no dropper, but that's ok because i've read the faq about the liquid dropper from walgreens.

    My problem is that the nolva came in a glass vial w/ a metal cap on it. I suppose it's meant to have a syringe stuck in it in order to dispense the liquid.

    What's the best way to dose with this setup? Will I have to buy syringes and if so what size and where? Sorry for my ignorance - I'm a total noob at these things.


  2. Does the metal cap come off? If it's been crimped on then use a needle/syringe combo and draw up that way, 1cc is equal to 20mg so do the math from there.

  3. Just rip the damn thing off. It has a rubber cap underneath thats easy to open and close.
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  4. LOL Kitchen that avatar rocks!

  5. Thanks, guys - it's all cool now. Just got a little confused cuz my bottle is a lot smaller than the one bigpetefox was holding in his photos.

    Hard to get the taste out of my mouth (yuck).


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