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    Hello all,
    I've done a cycle of One+ with little results. What I mean is, my weight did not change. I'm 167lbs and I'm still at the same weight after 4 weeks. The good thing is my muscle did become much fuller and I did get leaner and more defined, which is good. But I wanted to gain 3-5lbs.
    I getting ready to start a cycle of SuperOne+.
    My question to you is how can I gain a extra 5lbs during this cycle. I'm a hard gainer and have been most of my life until I got married.
    I try to get 2500-3500 cal a day and I work out 4 days a week Monday-Thursday and rest Friday-Sunday.
    I done a lot a search at and here and everyone say to eat a lot of food but it's hard to do that when you have a career and a 2 year old child, but I try.
    Don't get me wrong, my body looks good but I wish I was 5lbs bigger and looked it.
    So can you help me, Thanks in advance

  2. Get your calories ot 4000 a day and your proten to 350 grams or so and you will gain.

  3. Bump! I'm an ecto too and gained 12 pounds of LEAN BODY MASS on my last Sone+ cycle. I had to consum 4400cals a day to do it though. As a "hard gainer" 2400 cals isn't nearly enough, especially while "on". Post your full stats and your diet and we'll see what we can do.

  4. so u are working out 4on-- 3off?

    IMO, maybe u should try and divy up ur sessions more. say like 2on, 1off, 2on, 2off.

    u might not be giving ur body enough time to totally heal. esp if u are training with mostly compound movements like u should. post ur training sessions as well, so we can help.

    EDIT: heh, btw, dont feel bad bro. i eat 5500/day for maintenance with a ratio. on my next cycle, im gonna have to eat probably around 6000 or so.

  5. Thanks guys,
    My diet looks like this
    8 AM - 3 hard boil eggs, 1 Portein Drink, 2 Slice of bread with Peanut butter.
    10-11 AM - 1 Fruit, some Peanuts
    Noon - Lunch, Chicken and Rice or Tuna Fish, 1 Protein Drink,
    2-3 PM - Snack on some Peanuts or a fruit,
    5-6 PM Dinner - Chicken or Steak or Fish, 1 Fruit and 1 Protein Drink
    9-10 PM Workout - post workout - 1 Protein Drink and Createin.

    I don't measure myself so it's hard to tell how big or small a certain body parts is. I did measure my arm last week and it's 16' 1/4. when not pumped. My body fat is around 12-14%. I've been working out for over 8 years before I stopped and started back again last year after about 2 year break.

    My Workout looks like this
    Day 1 - Chest and Triceps
    Day 2 - Back and Biceps
    Day 3 - Shoulders
    Day 4 - Legs
    ABS - twice a week on Day 1 and 4 or sometimes the weekend
    I workout with a partner. My rest between sets is how ever long it takes for him to do his set.
    Our workout takes about 1 hour to do.

    Thanks again.
    Where is 1fast400, I could use his help here?

  6. well it looks like uve got some gaps throughout the day w/o any sufficient amount of protein. ie- the 10 -11pm and 2-3 pm.

    try and eat every 2-3 hours with a descent amount of protein, as well as some carbs and/or fats.

  7. this may seem obvious but try not to get any of the transdermall on ur kid, and for him/her not to touch you in places where you had applied it. this stuff sticks!


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