Need some Info

  1. Need some Info

    Chemo or anyone I have been discussing the 40% absorbtion with our recipe and those who I discussed it with are asking me for proof. Are there any studies I can show them, how can I shut them up. They wanna see tests or anything that will prove it. Thanks J

  2. Come on fellas I need help here I'm drowning. These people need to be shut down with facts. Late J

  3. You are going to be hard pressed to find any proof.  Most of the estimates I have seen (including those from Par) use some really wild ass extrapolations to get to an estimate. 

  4. Chemo has any blood test been done to give you the 40% number. I know it's an estimate but i just need some info on how you got it. Also if you can provide any studies or anything it would be appreciated. late J

  5. Originally posted by jminis
    and those who I discussed it with are asking me for proof.

    After 6 weeks show-em a lat spread. Usually works for me .

  6. There are no tests of any kind. It's all educated guesses.


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