Beginners Research?

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    Beginners Research?

    im interested in learning more about Steroids..Can someone point me in the right direction to a webpage or thread where I can read some basics or learn a few things to start a foundation of knowledge?


    ok found the sticky threads.

    if anyone has any extra info let me know
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    This forum is probably your best all around bet imo. There are quite a few message boards that have excellent information on AAS. But this pretty much is the place for a lot of cutting edge supplements and specifically learning about all the designer steroids out there (SD, M1T, &*&*&adrol etc).

    One thing I did was just went from back to front on several big steroid message boards reading all the threads. It gave me a good idea about most of the common ones....test, deca, EQ, dbol, var, tren, masteron, winny.

    There are a lot of good logs that individual users have put up here and elsewhere over the years. Very informative.

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