PH detection times??

  1. PH detection times??

    does anyone know how long PHs such as Propadrol (EST), Trenadrol (Kilosports), or BOLD (iForce)?

    also i had previously posted about a possible cycle i was going to try but i have changed my mind a bit. i'm going to take propadrol and trenadrol for a month but i thought about taking BOLD with it....but my question is, is that too many orals? i don't remember exactly but i dont think BOLD is methyl nor is the propadrol. so would it be safe to take those 3 at a time for a month, considering all the proper support and pct, training, and diet is in check? thanks.

  2. most orals will leave your body within 12 hours but the hormonal imbalance they create stays around a while.

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