cycle help

  1. cycle help

    my original cycle plan was
    weeks 1-4
    bdc topical 4-Ad 400mg/day
    weeks 5-7
    winstrol 25mg/day
    liquidex .5mg/day weeks 1-7

    im considering adding in 1fast400's psycho cyclo 1-test at 3 squirts per day so 75mg/day for weeks 5-7 with my winstrol. i would do this in hopes of adding on some additional lean mass with my winstrol. the only thing holding me back from trying this is the various reports ive read stating that pro- hormones/steroids have signfigantly reduced gains after about 4 weeks. however, would this not be the case here since i will be using a completely different pro-hormone/steroid for those three weeks, also would the addition of the winstrol possibly negate the diminishing gains as well? essentially would adding in the psycho cyclo 1-test be advisable in this case or would it be a waste of money and should i save it for another cycle and time? thanks

  2. anyone????

  3. Originally posted by captainbicept

    Why not just stack it with the winny for 6 weeks. Both have low androgenic properties.

    Winny is a DHT derivative so probably like stacking it with 3-Alpha...sort of.

    Anyway is the winny injectable cause that is the best bang for the I'm told.

  4. injecting winny has such a slight difference in affect i wouldnt even bother injecting it. ive injected it before, and really didnt notice any difference between injecting it and taking it orally. according to the numbers injecting the winny makes it only about 10% more effective. the only reason i would inject winny is if i had zambon winstrol (the top brand available) and i was going for possible site growth. and whether or not winstrol causes local site growth or hardeing is still up for debate.

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