Trials and Tribulations have come to an end!! My current cycle!

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  1. Bioavailibility

    So, would it be safe to say that you are receiving about 1gm of gear a week? (assuming you have about a %40 absorbtion rate)

    Also, what percentage of DMSO are you using in the BDC gel?

    Good luck bro. - Your endo

  2. Should be more like 1.4grams a week total androgen.

  3. ?

    How do you figure? Does it feel like 1.4 grams of gear? -Your Endo

  4. No, because its 14 grams of gear in bottle.

    Chemo said in a bottle with 15 grams of androgen that you would:

    "4 mL applied twice daily will last for 4 weeks

    You will absorb (weekly) 933 mg of 1-test(!!!) and 467 mg of 4-AD(!!!)"

    So 933+467 = 1400mg absorbed a week. I should be getting just under that since I only have 14grams of androgen

  5. Day 8:

    I went to 4ml twice a day as of today. Other than that nothing more to report.

  6. This morning is Day 9.

    I got on the scale and I am exactly the same weight!!??? What the hell? I really don't get what the deal is. I expected to at least put on a few pounds???? I know I'm not carry water because of the letro but this makes no sense. I am getting frusturated now. Any feedback would be great.

    I am eating clean, but a lot of meat and I have post work out shakes at 40g-50g each.

    At this dosage level I should be packing in the the hormones and really feeling it. Remeber, I gaind 18 pounds in 4 weeks on my last cycle a year ago and by this time last year was already up 8 pounds!!

  7. Maybe trans test dosen't work well. I tried it for 3 weeks and gianed a little but nothing great. I was using 4-AD for 2 weeks before and gained 8 pounds. I hate to say maybe trans test won't work.
  8. Hmm?

    First of all, you have to realize all the factors that are involved; being mainly diet, workout program, sleep, ect. Are you on any medication? You must also question the legitimacy of your base powders. Have you tested all the powders yourself? Should you trust the source? Assuming that everything else is in place then you could question your form of administration.

    Personally, the highest amount of testosterone I have ever seen recorded being absorbed through the skin was something like %13.2 percent. With that said, I do have faith that the current “Homebrew” is more effective, (higher absorption rate) but ultimately unproven. You may have to consider that you may only be absorbing 25-30% of the TNE in your current formula. As far as the “Deca”, I’m assuming that you are using the Nandrolone base? Even with the Nandrolone base I couldn’t tell you have much you are actually getting into your body.

    With out going to great detail you may have accept the fact that you have a much lower absorption rate than you realize. Currently I see that you are taking 3266mg of gear a week. If you take 25% of that then that leaves you with about 800mg a week. That is not taking in to account the 19-Nor PH, which then would leave you with only 600mg a week of base AAS.

    If I were in your situation I would try to find another means of administration. Talk to chemo about the saran-wrap method, which may prove to be very helpful. (20-30% increase!) You also may consider increasing your DMSO concentration as well. Anyway, got to run. Keep me posted…. –Your Endo

  9. Totally trust the source. No issue there. I

  10. Hey Jake,

    Just curious. I remember you were doing a keto diet.

    Are you taking in enough calories because zero weight gain is puzzling?


  11. Not doing Keto, but above maintenance in caloric intake.

  12. DAY 10:

    Well I have been off for two days (body needed it bad) so I am back in the gym tonight. We will see how I feel strength wise, etc.

  13. Day 11:

    I have gone up to 6ml twice a day on my dosing. Everything is well and Im feeling fine in my prostate/epididimal areas. It's interesting to me that I now feel better while on than I did androgen free before I started. I don't get it but I hope that after the cycle ends I can stay feeling as good as I do now. That will certainly perplex the Dr.s if I tell them that I feel good while on gear and bad while not!

  14. Still Day 11:

    Though I usually weigh in the morning I was 152 this morning and 155 tonight. I have increased my caloric intake, basically cheating for two days, lol so we will see how i do once I get back down to the gritty. I have increased my protein intake through shakes as well.

  15. Day 12: well I have expieremented with a couple things and I think I found the largest factor as to why I was not gaining weight. I have been on the Anarchy stack for awhile now and had been running it the whole time while on this androgen cycle. A day and a half a ago I stopped it and decided to see what would happen. Well this morning I weighed out at 154 up a clear 4 pounds. My weight gain began exactly when I stopped the A stack. Now I have to decide to either adjust it or just stay off for the rest of this cycle.

  16. Good to hear Jake. Are you still losing BF? That was the goal, right?

  17. I have def. leaned out. I keep trying to get my BF tested but the lady at the gym is never their lately when I am. But yes I can see all my of abs to some degree now, handles are shrinking and my arms are getting more and more vascular. When I am lean I am VERY vascular so its coming. My waist has shrunk about 1/2 inch. I am increasing my cardio each week.

  18. Jake, when you get a moment, PM me the details of this Anarchy Stack you speak of..

  19. My transtest cycle also made me loss body fat but not gain much weigth. I woulder if a lot the test is converting to DHT.

    Originally posted by windwords7
    I have def. leaned out. I keep trying to get my BF tested but the lady at the gym is never their lately when I am. But yes I can see all my of abs to some degree now, handles are shrinking and my arms are getting more and more vascular. When I am lean I am VERY vascular so its coming. My waist has shrunk about 1/2 inch. I am increasing my cardio each week.

  20. Day 13:

    Well I am very excited today. I am up two pounds and down from 15.5 to 11.1% BF. The anarchy stack is def doing its part and the androgens are starting to do thiers.

  21. Where would i find info on anarchy stack ww7?

  22. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    Where would i find info on anarchy stack ww7?
    KC and Pete, it all inside****5553

  23. Thanks bro, lots of readin in there!

  24. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    Thanks bro, lots of readin in there!
    Yep, all good stuff though!

  25. Day 14:

    I weigh the same 152 +/- 2 pounds depending on the day.

    I have upped my dosing to insane levels but still am feeling very little. I am now doing 8ml twice a day (starting last night). We will see how it goes??? As I mentioned on my day 13 post my BF is down a lot so that is great!
  26. Angry

    From my experience and yours it looks like 4-AD might be better trans.

  27. glad things worked out for u ww7...some of us with legal probs..hehe..have stopped taking the anarchy stack and had to go with just t-1 but oh well..the stacks awesome

    sometimes we need to get knocked down to mae us a better fiighter..glad to see ur better for it

  28. sorry
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  29. I think is was a joke Anarchy=illegal.

    Cost is usually the only reason that people stop taking it.

  30. now i feel stupid.....


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