Thoughts on Adding X-Mass to the end of a PP Cycle

  1. Thoughts on Adding X-Mass to the end of a PP Cycle

    I'm in my first week of a Phera-Plex cycle. What are your thoughts on adding X-Mass onto the end of the cycle? Would you recommend overlapping both for the last week or finishing the 4th week of PP and then starting the X-Mass? I did a PP cycle about 6 months ago with no sides and descent gains. Everyone's opinions would be appreciated.

  2. I would think you should wait a few weeks and see how you make out on using just PP alone.
    Honestly, with PP and SD, the logs don't show much of a difference when stacked with anything, they do great on their own.
    You could always bump up the PP dose later in the cycle.

    BUT- In general, I dont see any problem with stacking the two. It's just better to stay on the threashold when using anabolics, this way, perhaps on your next cycle (depending how this one will go) you'll have something new to throw in the mix to help

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