17-Methyl 1-Test

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  1. has anyone contacted these guys about how much their lil product with set us back in the ol' bank account?

  2. Originally posted by Bobo

    People that claim orals are hepatoxic and that orals cause liver damage. They stress the liver more just like alcohol and a million other things. Abuse cause liver damage, not some magic property of oral steroids.
    I have had jaundice on at least one occasion, and high liver enzymes on several others, while taking normal (25-35mg) daily doses of dbol. The c-17aa are most certainly hepatotoxic. This is not a myth. The risks may be extremely overstated, but they legitimately are there.

    - William Llewellyn
    William LlewellynCEO, Molecular NutritionPatented and developed Arachidonic Acid (X-FACTOR™) for Sports Nutrition

  3. So would the use of Milk Thistle and such products like it hinder the availability of 17-Methyl 1 Test?
    I had a conversation a while back with someone about this and they stated that it would.

  4. Wow, I got the pot stirring over at BB.com about this, wanted some more input:


  5. the problem i see with this is not liver toxicity it is legality I have heard that it is not legal to 17AA anything and even if you could it would be very similar chemically to primobolan right? I'm just not sure how the FDA is going to respond to this

  6. Originally posted by jweave23
    Wow, I got the pot stirring over at BB.com about this, wanted some more input:[/URL]
    Nice work Ramrod. Now go order me a Liter of Cola

  7. However you can package tar and nicotine in a cancer stick and sell it.

  8. No one really knows what this will do to your liver. It could be like var or as bad as cheque drops. I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole, until we get a lot of feed back.

  9. ehhh well tar and nicotine makes the gov millions ans steroids just werent a big enough industry for them to bend their ever flexible morals. I might try these once a lab write up is put out or if one of the really knowledgable boys gave em the ok.

  10. Originally posted by bow

    Nice work Ramrod. Now go order me a Liter of Cola
    LMAO "say car ramrod, say car ramrod!"

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  12. This sucks. Looks like they will not be carrying it after all.


  13. Probably better off in the long run.

  14. nooooooooo! why has my god forsaken me!!!

  15. I actually got a email from a bro i'd been talking too for a while over the net (located in the states) who said that his bro has had the powder for awhile and guys have been using it for precontest. Don't know if its a sales pitch or not, but i look into it further.

  16. PM me bro if there is a small supply available. I would definantly be interested in buying.

  17. kc hit me up please need to ask a few ?'s also interested in the mt

  18. K bro, i sent him a email and i'll see what he says about prices etc. I'll post here when i hear back from him.

  19. Thanks for looking out dude. Much appreciated.


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