QV batch numbers

  1. QV batch numbers

    I remmeber finding the quality vet site and being able to view the batch numbers to see if it was legit or not...

    does anyone know the site where the batch numbers for QV gear is listed?


  2. why would anyone waste money on vet grade gear anyways?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by 800mrunner
    why would anyone waste money on vet grade gear anyways?

    actually the above brand is some of the best stuff around at least it was when it first came out just ask good as the fat dog stuff

  4. what an ignorant statement. half of the stuff around is vet and some of the best and safest drugs are vet ( such as EQ).....as for your question (and i am no expert) i believe that there was a big bust in mexico and a lot of the companys in mexico was run out. i have a great acquaintance that i have known for about twelve years now. a very- very honest man. he owns a vet in mexico and lives on our side of the border, making the trip to and fro every day. a great man to know back in the day. but he sais that since all of that happened there is almost nothing but fakes floating around in mexico now. it was a great way for people over there to make alot of money on the fullish americans. so be very careful of what you buy--chances are it could be fake unless it is some of the old stuff floating around.

  5. yes, I know about the bust...etc...

    however I recall someone posting a "qualityvet.com" type site that was legit and had batch numbers...

    does anyone know the correct address or has QV actaully been shut down completely?

  6. Please make yourself familiar with the Board Rules regarding sources and AAS. This is treading very close to breaking board rules. Surely there are other source boards where you can get answers to your questions. Thanks for understanding.


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