adding dmso to androspray

  1. adding dmso to androspray

    I have a bottle of androspray that I'll be trying out next week, as well as a bottle of dmso. I understand that dmso is good for increasing the absorption of the gel based bdc and avant transdermals, but is this also the case for the spray on transdermals as well? My bottle of androspray is unlabelled as I had it shipped from 1fast to Canada, and I don't know how much the total contents of the bottle are in ml. Would the standard 10% addition of dmso apply here?

  2. Bump, anyone?

  3. Question DMSO and sprayer....

    I have had such bad luck in the past accidentally spilling some DMSO into my PH gel. It always seems like it clumps up in the gel and renders the squirting mechanism useless. What I have done to attempt to get the DMSO into solution is to heat the bottle.

    The exact steps I have taken are:

    1. I accidentally spill that darn DMSO into my PH gel.
    2. I bring some water to a boil in a pot.
    3. I take the pot off the heat.
    4. I put the PH bottle into the hot water and leave it for about 45 mins.
    5. Durring the 45 minutes, I remove the bottle from the heat every 10 minutes and shake.

    I have even repeated this process two or three times, with limited success.

    I was wondering what one would do if they happened to accidentaly spill some DMSO into a transdermal SPRAY. The sprayer has such a tiny outlet for the PH to travel through, I am afraid that spilling any DMSO in the solution would render the bottle useless.

    What would you do if you had to deal with this problem?
    How much heat can these little plastic bottles with stand?
    Will heating the spray diminish the effectiveness of the PH in general?

    I just wonder, because you never know what could happen.

  4. try adding a few drops of water, 1 drop at a time...

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