Best anti-gyno formula given what Im taking?

  1. Best anti-gyno formula given what Im taking?

    I am currently using a combination of 600 mg test/ 400 mg deca/40 mcg igflr3 post workout/ 6iu daily growth hormone and 150 mcg pegylated mgf twice per week. I also have arimedex, but have heard certain anti-es do not work as well due to deca-related gyno. What would be the best way for me to combat any gyno that begins to appear given this stack. I am not hugely suceptible to it, but want to stay safe. Also, I have some var i could throw in there. Anybody have thoughts on whether or not I should and at what dose? I am 6', 220 lbs at 12% bf currently. Also I plan to run this cycle for 12 weeks, running igf and peg-mgf only at the beginning and then again during post cycle, allowing a recovery period while the test and deca are working their magic. GH will be run all the way through. Thoughts and suggestions always appreciated!


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