Adding oil to test prop

  1. Adding oil to test prop

    I'm still doing research on my first injectible cycle. It seems most of the experienced users love test prop. The two downsides that I hear is more potential of scar tissue build up (is this even an issue when you rotate a ton of site?) and the pain of test prop. Some say they dont get any pain, some say your body just needs to get used to it. I've heard that if you add more oil into your test prop shot it will reduce or even eliminate the pain, has anyone had experience with this? IF so when do you add the oil, do you add it to your vial of test prop or do you draw up the desired amount of oil then draw the desired about of test prop and shoot as one.

  2. I'd also like to add that If i do EOD injections and then add more oil (pending on what people say) this will be upping the CC's in each shot. As long as i'm not adding a crap load of oil this shouldn't limit injection sites that can't handle as much volume should it?

  3. cottonseed sterile oil (or grapeseed i guess). start with adding 1cc to 1cc of prop. if you feel it doesn't hurt, add .5cc : 1cc of prop. again, your body gets used to it.

    personally I pin my biceps with 1cc of cold raw prop

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