Cutting Advice.

  1. Cutting Advice.

    I just came off PCT for a Tren Ace/Test Prop/T3 cycle. Over the holidays, I put on some unwanted poundage. I am now wanting to cut. I have been researching & found a few options. I just want some advice as to what you boys think would be the best aid.

    T3 (from research I've done, it's been advised to run with 100mg of Test, but being that I just finished a cycle, I am against this. Can T3 be run without an anabolic for fatloss purposes while sparing muscle? I read up to 50mcg is ok, but I saw no scientific backing for it.)


    ECA stack (kind of against ECA as it isn't as effective for me.)

    Something else?

    Of course proper dieting & routines are in check. I am simply looking for an "aid" if you will.

    The reason I don't want to run another anabolic is because I feel it is still too soon being as I am about 1-2 weeks out from PCT.

    Thanks for the opinions boys.

  2. Someone(I think 800m) posted studies about T2 in the IBE forum a bit ago, showing that it burns fat, preserves muscle, and increases endurance. If you dont want to run an anabolic with T3 I'd say go with T2 by itself instead. In that same thread I think ThermoLife Dicana is the only one on the market with that specific T2. Not cheap but if it does what it's supposed to, well worth it. Or you might just want to stop messing with thyroid/adrenal hormones alltogether and pick up some Anabolic Pump or DCP, both of which are supposed to be pretty amazing as far as fatloss/recomp properties go with no stims or affect on thyroid.

  3. If I run T3 with an anabolic, I would have to have a PCT afterwards for it, even if it's just 100mg Test Prop.

    I'm leaning towards Clen. Maybe even Albuterol. I kind of want to stay away from thyroid supps since I was on T3 for close to about 8 weeks.

    I'll check out the Anabolic Pump & DCP & see how things go.

    Any other opinions guys?

  4. If your diet and training routine is in check, then do it without "aid". You don't need to rely on a compound or stack for this. You just finished PCT.. chill out.

  5. Melting Point was the best stimulant and hormonal free diet aid I ever used. I saw decent results with 8 a day and no significant cramping but I still like good old ECA better. Transdermal 7-oxo is a close second to Melting Point in terms of fat loss in my book.

  6. If your diet and training routine is in check, then do it without "aid". You don't need to rely on a compound or stack for this. You just finished post cycle therapy.. chill out.
    Big +1 on that. With the new muscle you've gained, and hopefully retained, after your cycle you should have no problem ramping up your metabolism to burn off those unwanted lbs. Eat right, do your cardio, etc and you should cut down in no time.


  7. Thanks Ubi. I needed the voice of reason. I'm just wigging out because my love handles slightly grew during the holidays. I'm going to go the natural route on this.


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