Best supp to jack you up B4 a workout, without a cracked out feeling?

  1. Best supp to jack you up B4 a workout, without a cracked out feeling?

    Just wondering what the best supp is to Jack you up before a workout. However I want one that doesn't make you feel cracked out or make you crash hard afterwards...FLU

  2. Check out IBE's forum here. They have a great product. X-Force

  3. i absolutely love stim x and venom for this purpose but these effects are very long lasting. i get a nice mood elevation and extreme energy from these two formulas. for a milder, shorter acting reaction, i like to brew a cup of yerba mate. something in that makes me feel really good and provides nice, clean energy.

  4. bump for stim-x but man does it last. i think i took it at around 10am and i was up until like 4am the next morning

  5. WHile I love the Venom Hyperdrive I didn't use it pre workout. I would get to feeling ill if i did. I usually took it about 2-3 hours before. Right before i was start taking Chaos (caffeinated) for my workout energy.

  6. Since this is in the roid forum, I'd say whatever and....



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