What about this PH cycle?

  1. What about this PH cycle?

    I'm planning a 6 week cycle soon . I'm looking for lean mass gains. All my diet and training is in check and this isn't my first rodeo with PH's.
    Here it goes:

    Week 1-6 : 800mgs/day 1,4andro
    Week 1-6 : moderate dose of T-gel with 12g of 1Test
    Just looking for advice or any comments any of yall have?

    PS: I know most users use 4-ad with 1T, but i want to hold as least amount of water as possible. If lethargy sets in I might throw some 4-ad in at a low dose though.
    So what yall guys think? Thnx

  2. Cycle looks good, what about post cycle?

  3. Post cycle

    For post cycle I have clomid. Also will lower my training volume.
    Is this a good dosing schedule for clomid following a ph cycle. This is my first time using clomid versus 6oxo.
    Week 1 - 150-200 ED
    Week 2 - 150 ED
    Week 3 - 100 EOD
    Week 4 - 50 ED

    Curious has anyone else done a 1-test/1,4 andro cycle not intended for actually cutting up? You know kept their calories kinda high. I know this stack is supposed to be best for cuts but i just wanted to test it out for light bulking cycle with good lean gains. If anyone has used this stack for this purpose feel free to share some results.
    Thnx all!

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