1. Mexico..clomid/nolva...

    I used to pick up these products several years ago in TJ, nogales and juarez, but have not done so recently.

    Anybody picked some up lately. I know about the liquid stuff and will order some liquid clomid, but I want the tabs on the side in case I cannot get the liquid when it is on backorder, etc.

    Oh and yes I DID get busted once years ago for transporting back some roids and NO it was not that big of a deal. They scare you a lil, fine you $500 and send you on your way....
    though I won't ever bring roids back in...nolva and clo are ..hmmm bland...

  2. What is up with people asking questions like this.. you don't need to be asking these things on the open board.

  3. I wouldn't try that **** now, I live in SD and the last time I brought back asthma inhalers, they wanted to see an American script! Everything's on the crack down now, if you present it openly without a script, it will get seized and they will make you wait while they look to see if it's controlled.

  4. hmmmm yeah TJ area has always been bad. Friends were down in nogales a few months ago picking up Cipro. They were all afraid of the anthrax deal. I see ALOT of older people buying stuff down there b/c it is sooooo much cheaper. Some have american scripts for it some don't.
    They are not looking for somebody with two lil boxes of clomid, for personal use.

    I should have asked how much does clomid go for down in those areas of mexico???? There better?

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