mixing dmso with T-1

  1. mixing dmso with T-1

    i have a bottle of T-1 which is 240ml. Do I just pour the little 24ml bottle of DMSO in it and shake the hell out of it?

  2. you got it. boiling the bottle in water could also help get a more consistant mix. Sage

  3. Question

    I asked this on another thread but I think it got buried.

    When you mix the T-1 and DMSO, what's the final volume, 240ml or 264ml?

  4. Anybody...anybody...Bueller...

  5. Thats a very good question, because if it was 240ml, then the bottle would actually have only 216ml.

    I would say the total would be 264ml.

  6. The answer to the question lies in the source by which you procured the bottle of T-1. If it was a memberstore purchase the volume would be 216 mL but if it were purchased elsewhere it would be 240 mL.

    So, where did you get your bottle of T-1 [ORIGINAL] and when? BTW, if it was recently purchased from Powernutrition that stock was shipped at 240 mL per bottle...


  7. So with the dmso (from powernutrition) how many mg of 1-test and 4ad will there be in squirt?


  8. I added my DMSO into my T-1 final today, shook it well and then put it into a coffee cup of hot water, like stated in an above post. When I did my 2 squirts it was kind of soupy like. Is this normal, or should it be a more consistant mix?

  9. I thought it would be more like a gel also, but its more like a thick liquid. Your ok

  10. Well mine's not all that thick, kind of watery. I had no problems applying though.


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