would u be kind and..

  1. would u be kind and..

    hey im new to this forum site and im trying to research alot and get knowledge about steroids and supps and other things.
    its very difficult to do research when everyone uses abbreviations for substances. could some one help me and give some substances abbreviations and there full name and maybe a short desciption. thank you guys

  2. Well this is a very open ended ??, but here are a few
    TNE - Test, no ester
    ED/EoD - everyday/every other day
    EQ - Equipoise or Boldenone (depending on ester)
    Drol - Anadrol
    DBol - Dianabol

  3. It is your lucky day. I actually started to compile a glossary a while back. (I remember how difficult it was for the first few weeks with all the abbreviations.) Anyway, here's what I got...

    LXT = Lean XTreme (Designer Supplements)
    RXT = Rebound XT (Anabolic XTreme)
    MP = Melting Point (Designer Supplements)
    GXR = Glucophase XR (Designer Supplements)
    RR = Rebound Reloaded (Designer Supplements)
    PF = PowerFULL (USP Labs)
    StimX = StimulantX (Anabolic XTreme)
    JW = Jungle Warfare (ALRI)
    PP = pheraplex (aka "Phera") (can also refer to clones)
    H50 = halodrol (can also refer to clones)
    ZOL = prostanozol (can also refer to clones)
    EMax = ErgoMax LMG (Anabolic XTreme)

    DS = Designer Supplements
    AX = Anabolic XTreme

    RYR = red yeast rice
    CEE = creatine ethyl ester
    fen = fenugreek
    ALCAR = acetyl-l-carnitine
    NAC = N-Acetyle-Cysteine
    MT = milk thistle
    ALA = alpha lipoic acid
    CLA = conjugated linoleic acid

    drol = Anadrol
    dbol = Dianabol
    slin = insulin
    AI = aromatase inhibitor
    SERM = selective estrogen receptor modulators (e.g. Nolvadex [tamoxifen], Clomid [clomiphene], toremifene)
    PH = prohormone
    LBM = lean body mass
    BF = body fat
    CHO = carbohydrate
    HRT = hormone replacement therapy
    PCT = post cycle therapy
    PWO = post workout

  4. DOMS- Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

    Learned that the other day. And I had it. Awesome.

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