How should I bring clen back from mexico?

  1. How should I bring clen back from mexico?

    Going to pick up around 100tabs of clen tommorow in Tijuana. How should I bring it back across the border. Im parking in the american side and walking over. I was thinking of putting the clen in an empty calcium bottle and if they happen to search me i'll just say I have a calcium defiecency and need calcium every few hours. Or maybe I should buy some socks or somehing and put it it there? What do you guys recommened? THanks

  2. Well PERSONALLY I would be talking about it on the board like this if I were doing it but you seem to have a good idea on how to get caught doing it


  3. dude honestly, i don't think this is something you can openly ask, sent ya a PM. =)

  4. Why would we know? This section is for information only. Your basically asking us to tell you how to smuggle across the border. Real smart.
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