Boost testosterone with... SUN!

  1. Boost testosterone with... SUN!

    Yep, a study from the University of California in San Diego has demonstrated that individuals who were exposed to sun in the morning had a 70% increase in LH release while lowering the signs of depression. Have a nice summer !

  2. Doc-- i believe i read about that in the NY times--there was a dermatologist who was saying the same thing--that the Vitamin D gotten from sun or tanning boosts test, brain function and mood among other things--ill see if i can find it

  3. Now talk about a cheap supplement!

  4. They'll figure out a way to ban using sunlight to boost test levels, trust me..

  5. Originally posted by DoctorX2k2
    Now talk about a cheap supplement!
    Unless you live in upstate NY.



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