Don't know if you guys saw this...(DNP)

  1. Don't know if you guys saw this...(DNP)

    Another supposed DNP related death, posted by shot on****129197

    be careful bros!

  2. Scary ****. If this is indeed how he died it goes to show that there is a price to pay for instant like results. Patience is a virtue especially in bodybuilding. My prayers go out to his family and friends for we all know what it's like to lose a loved one.

  3. There is a difference between uncoupling and complete cessation of respiration. More reason to STOP HIGH DOSES OF UNCOUPLERS...

    Bros, uncouplers are serious business. It is time that interested people become educated on the mechanism of action of uncouplers and also preventative measures to eliminate or reduce the risk of injury.

    STAY AWAY FROM HIGH DOSES! This stuff is not gear and the "more is better" mantra does not hold.

    Stick with a 30-40% carb diet to maximize effect without increasing dose. It is counter-intuative since most people want to restrict carbs such as in a keto diet but it is just the opposite. Anyone notice how more carbs = more sweating while on uncouplers? Keep your carbs in a normal range...


  4. You can find lots of testamonials like this, and fools still keep doing that lethal drug.
    Originally posted by prophet
    i had one close call with the dnp about a year ago. i took an insane amount over a gram and i remember the pain and discomfort in the inside of my body. it was so painful i lost control of my bowels and i began throwing up uncontrollably. i told myself i'd never use it again. and sure enough i've have. but i will never take that much dnp ever again. i still remember being spread eagle on the bathroom floor crying in fear. for me 200mg a day i don't even feel much. tons of water helps with night warmth. other than that i do cardio and lift at that dose. who knows......we're all going to die one day

  5. Originally posted by John Benz
    You can find lots of testamonials like this, and fools still keep doing that lethal drug.

    you boyfriend (ex boyfriend now) had been cycling for 15 years when I met him. I told him I was gonna try DNP and I recall him jumping up and down.....shouting there was no way he would allow me to do it.

    Soooooooo..........without him knowing it....I went ahead and started it anyways.

    Ended up in the hospital putting blood through my kidneys about 3 weeks into it. Sledgehammer and I have discussed what happened to me in length and we both feel the capsules had the incorrect dose in each. We concluded the guy who put it together skimped on the corn starch.

    So it goes. I learned my lesson the hard way.

    I'll never recommend it, regardless if it's cut correctly or not.

  6. The stuff is no joke ,,.. and trusting that it is dosed correctly is a crap shoot at best ....

  7. def keep the carbs up like chemo said. I tried DNP a while ago for about 4 days, stopped just cause night time cravings were insane and i couldnt stand NOT eating at night. IT was horrible for me. If I drank more water it probably would have curbed the hunger pangs some, but who knows. Its really not worth it. UA is an uncoupler, and im thinking when tweaked and the "golden" formula is come up with...will prove beneficial.

  8. AlexParty
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    Well I want to say R.I.P john, will pray 4 u tonight.

  9. John was a friend of mine online. After hearing this news I have flushed 80 caps of DNP I had on hand. I have sworn off of it totally. This was the guy who showed me most of what I know about DNP and he was the smartest bro, hands down online IMO, yet he died from using it. I will do my best to reccommend that no one uses it from now on.

    Stay away from this ****. I have done 8 different DNP cycles and I will not do another. I did my first cycle after talking with John everyday for 6 solid months, and yet, john has passed away from using it. Stay away from DNP......PLEASE!!!!!

    R.I.P. Johnathan. You are missed.

  10. I beleive that DNP should not be used unless bodybuilding is your career. otherwise stick with other fat loss agents and hard work.

  11. thats the thing with DNP though...its unpredictable really. I mean 400mg dnp might be nothing for some...then one day ..that amount will kill you.. Even if your career is bodybuilding, your probably making money from it, or at least have enough income where gear options are endless. With that said....DNP probably isn't an option. Do you think any pros use DNP? I have no idea, but I doubt it. Then you get into crystalized dnp....etc.

    The answer is this, if you need to use DNP to lose fat, then STOP...and re-evaluate your diet and ****ing training. Those two with all the alternatives that are much safer for fat loss ...can be just as good. DNP is the lazymans fat loss agent.



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