4AD vascularity

  1. 4AD vascularity

    first off id like to say im using t-4 by BDC, which i would highly recomend. i am unsure as to exactly how much the product itself has caused me to gain. This is because i started using the product about 5 days after comming out of the hospital after being extremely sick, i lost 20 lbs in a period of about a week. so far, i have put on 10 pounds in about 2 weeks, almost all muscle. ive been eating about 6000 calories daily, with lots of protein. Im only 10 pounds away from my old weight. im unsure how much of these quick gains is cause my 5 years of bulding muscle memory and how much is the 4-ad. what i do know the 4-AD is doing is boosting my apetite, i can eat all day long non-stop. i was never able to do this even with all the various steroids ive tried i was always force feeding myself. my one question is the 4-AD is making me very vascular (not that im complaining). Ive used equipoise, test prop, winny, fina as well as many other steroids. none of those steroids by themselves or in various combinations have made me as vascular as the 4-AD is making me. Im not getting the hardness i would from a test/eq/fina/winny cycle, but the vascularity is superior. The only other things im taking is .5mg liquidex/day. and i take 400mg of ala with my protein shake post workout. my body fat is pretty much the same as when i was on steroids so thats not a factor and i was taking the l-dex while juicng also to hold down bloat. anyway, not that im complaining at all, but what gives can anyone provide some insight here, because im kind of perplexed. thanks

  2. Sorry to hear the bad news bro about being in the hospital and losing 20 pounds. I just had surgery and will be out for 6 months. As far as vascularity is concerned, when I used 4ad, I looked like marshmallow man. It must have something to do with the liquidex use and keeping down the bloat. I may try that next ph cycle I run. Are you still able to lift weights or was it just a sickness for being in the hospital? I am debating on running a t-1 final cycle while I am unable to lift to try and maintain some mass, but am still undecided on whether it would prove beneficial. Oh well. But congratulations on the 10 pound gain and keep us posted on how the rest of your cycle goes (ie whether you keep the vascularity and weight gain). Good luck bro.

  3. im able to lift weights and do whatever i please now, i was in the hospital for the same symptoms three weeks prior to my one week stint. at first the doctors thought it was severe food poisoning based on my symptoms, when i came back three weeks later with the same symptoms they realized it obviously wasnt that, so with further testing they realized that it was severe gastritis and inflamation, but not eating, and being on demerol, morphine, ativan and a saline drip for a week is a great way to lose 20 lbs if anyone is interested. i feel fine now and can eat a full unrestricted diet. thankgod for modern medicine. if anyone has any insight about my previous question let me know. thanks

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