ammount of dmso?

  1. ammount of dmso?

    I just received a bottle of T-1. It's the older version with 24ml of DMSO, and a 240ml bottle of T-1. I know that your supposed to mix 10%, but I have also heard of irratation. Has anyone tried using les than 10% or even 5%?, or is 10% the set ammount.

  2. 10% is pretty much the universal amount, but everyone is different. Some may get better results with more or less. You must simply experiment, but as a standard start with 10%.

  3. HighBall if you should, by accident of course, dump the WHOLE 24ml in your T-1 it would not be such a bad thing. Only some poeple get irriation but 10% is really not that much. Do you have sensitive skin or something. I could rub this stuff on all day and have no prob but that's just me

  4. I'd put half in 12 ml and try it for a few apllications. If you have no problem........dump the rest in (the last 12 ml).


  5. So if you could stand it and did like 20% dmso how much would absorption be improved?

  6. Not exactly sure on the number but it would improve a tiny bit. But you have to start worrying about bad breath and smelling like DMSO
    Not worth it if you ask me

  7. Yeah, I guess at some point you'll start to smell like your hiding from vampires or something with all the garlic odor. Off of this topic, but has anyone had trouble with their T-1 pump. I don't think mine is putting out nearly 2 ml.

  8. Am I going to start to smell like garlic????? I havent heard of this. I have a girlfriend that Im not going to tell, how can I hide this??

  9. HighBall easy buddy. Your gettin paranoid. At 10% you won't notice a thing. Chemo knows what he is doing. Relax

  10. Originally posted by jminis
    HighBall easy buddy. Your gettin paranoid. At 10% you won't notice a thing. Chemo knows what he is doing. Relax

    I was running around 15% DMSO for a cycle and a guy actually approched me at the gym and asked me if I was taking DMSO. Apparently, he did recognize the smell on my breath. When it comes to breath odor, it not the % that matters, it is the total volume of DMSO applied daily. I agree with Chi, experiment and find what works for you.


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