Poll: Would injecting 200mg a week of primobolan do anything at all?

Would injecting 200mg a week of primobolan do anything at all?

  1. Would injecting 200mg a week of primobolan do anything at all?

    Stats 6'2" 215 age:24

    I see many people saying 600mg is ideal a week of primo but anyways.... Would injecting 200mg a week of primo do anything at all?

    {600mg a week is so freakin expensive for me, so that's why I ask}

    This is along with 400-500 mg test E

  2. At that dose i doubt you'd see anything additional from it, since you are already running test.

  3. it will do next to nothing except help shut down your HPTA

    that's a female dose.

  4. It *MIGHT* help you keep some of your gains from the test. But It definately wouldn't add any gains to the cycle..

  5. No point in even wasting any money on the primo if thats all you can run, even with the test.

  6. Id think it would be best to save it until you had enough to make a difference...

  7. Never used Primo, but I will soon. Anything less then 600mg per week is pointless based on reputable feedback. Most people report the best gains at 1g+ per week.

  8. You have to run Primo at higher doses. It is very mild. This means a lot of expense for a decent UG Lab (BD, LSP etc.) and high volume (large amounts at once) injections.

    Stick to a good quality Euro test @ 500-750mg/wk. I dont know your experience but If you want to add something worthwhile you might consider Tren. It is not to be taken lightly but a test/tren stack is quit amazing. IMO running Primo or even EQ with test is a waste of money. Primo is weak and semi-pointless when you combine it with something androgenic anyway. EQ is so much like test it seems sort of foolish. It does increase appetite slightly but otherwise its not much different when stacked with Test. If you add even a small amount of Tren it will have a much more pronounced effect on your overall composition.

    Test E. (ICN, Aburaihan) @ 500mg/wk
    Tren Depot (BD before its gone ) @ 250mg/wk

    You really cant go wrong with that. You can get away with 2 shots a week. One 2cc glute and another easy 1cc shot.
    That which does not kill us makes us stronger - Friedrich Nietzsche


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