Phera-Plex or Superdrol?

  1. Phera-Plex or Superdrol?

    What do you guys think is better for vascularity?

  2. SD is just better in both departments. Phera causes bloat in some. I didn't get a whole lot from it at all.

  3. do some test prop and cut if you want vascularity. I think vascularity has more to do with diet and BF% than a drug.

  4. Phera did cause some bloat in me, but I felt better on it than with superdrol because phera insanely increases my libido and superdrol kills is. I gained more mass with superdrol and got stronger on it (like 20 lbs in three weeks and 50lbs on my bench press max)

  5. ^^ you put on 20 lbs in 3 weeks? what was ur dosage bro??

  6. why did you start another thread asking the same question?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ripped22
    I think vascularity has more to do with diet and BF% than a drug.


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