Announcement about MU...

  1. Announcement about MU...

    Chemo I am sorry for using your board space for this announcement, but it is quit urgent, so I hope you dont mind.


    To all the Mass University members out there, I just wanted to let you know that MU will be shut down for brief period time due to some unforeseen financial difficulties recently. It actually sux really bad what happened and I wont get into it in great length, but to make a long story short, a person who I trusted 100% and considered a best friend of mine has disappeared. The reason this has affected my financial situation is because this "friend" owed me money that I let him borrow for 2 weeks and that money was the money I was using to maintain and improve MU (a substantial amount of $). I will never take out of my families money, just like I would never ask for help from the members to pay for MU, so I do hope you understand and accept my sincere appologies for the brief closing. Just to let you know, I took on a second night shift at the warehouse for the next few weeks, so I hope to have MU opened back up within two weeks or sooner if I can find my "friend" and get my $.

    Again I would like to say I am sorry for wasting your forum space with this thread and thank you in advance if you allow it to be up for a short period of time.


  2. Sorry to hear about that Web.. I appreciate the info.

  3. We’ll find your friend and make him disappear for good.

  4. hope everything goes better in the near future web, sorry to hear it

  5. Sorry to hear it bro! And to think I just signed up there too.

  6. Hope you find him bro, give him a swift kick in the nutz for all your board members.

  7. Sorry to hear that bro................MU is a good board too



  8. A kick in the what!!

    god im bored
  9. Update!

    Well Mass University is already back up and running. I actually was thinking last night about options and I was like 'why dont I be honest with the server company and ask if I can get an extension on the payment date?'....well they actually gave me a week extention on the payment deadline and opened the server back up, so MU can become active again! I promise that I will be able to make this payment and it wont be down again in one week, because I am putting in some good overtime this week at the warehouse!

    I also want to say thank you to all of those who expressed concern and offered to help. Sometimes I guess when you are in the not so good times you can really find out who your true friends are! THANK YOU TO ALL MY FRIENDS OUT THERE IN THE BB'ING COMMUNITY...YOU GUYS/GALS ARE THE BEST!

    Okay sorry for the mushy stuff and to think I am not even on clomid right now....lmao!


    ps - Special thanks to the Admin/Staff, here at Anabolic Minds for allowing my announcement!

  10. Bro .. hope all turns out for the better .. You are welcome to post these announcements at AU as well .. anytime ...
    We all work together ...

    need help let us know ....

  11. Originally posted by Bone
    Sorry to hear that bro................MU is a good board too
    MU IS a good board..a really good board.. i too am sorry to hear about this unfortunate incident. Lots of knowledgable people over there....


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