What can I tell my doctor about this?

  1. What can I tell my doctor about this?

    I haven't been "on" anything for almost 2 months now. But, I'm guessing my red blood cell count is probably still high from my previous 12 weeks of Cypionate (low dose 300mg/week). I just had a complete physical - now if and when the doctor freaks out about my Hematocrit report - what can I tell him is the reason for it besides HRT? What else can raise red blood cell count like testosterone?

    I've been meaning to go and give some blood but this visit to the doctor was prompted by my going into seizure after a coughing fit a couple of days ago...

    Any advice? Thanks in advance...

  2. For anyone who might be curious about the seizure.. Yeah, it was pretty freaky.. I never drink more than one beer at a time - and that's very occassional. So, we ate dinner at a brewery and I decided to try their sampler. 6 small beers.. I was thirsty so I drank them down REALLY fast. They were Lagers (not ales) and the hops and whatever may have been part of my problem (as I've been told).

    So.. About an hour later, I was sitting outside in the hot, humidity and I was sweating up a storm. I had just COMPLETELY exhaled from a deep breath and went into a coughing fit (I'm just getting over a bad cough). So, I'm figuring that the fact I was buzzed, hot and dehydrated - and went into this coughing fit with NO air in my lungs - that this is what caused me to pass out, seizure, go into convulsions and foam from the mouth - all for about 5 or 10 seconds..

    As I was "coming to", I could feel my head shaking. We were in the middle of a large crowd (small concert) and there was a LOT of noise. Everything sounded so wierd - dimensionless - until I could see again, was breathing and felt fine..

    A day later, I began feeling a little dizzy and noticed some arythmia (heart). I've had heart issues all my life but had surgery in 2001 to take care of that.. So, the doctor did an ecocardiogram and a chest x-ray today, will be doing a sonogram of my heart tomorrow, giving me a halter monitor for 24 hours and a stress test (tread mill) on Friday.

  3. always tell your doctor the truth - they usually won't pass judgment on you

    if he's a ****, find a new doctor

  4. I'm a little worried about what my insurance company might think if they find out...

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Zero Tolerance
    I'm a little worried about what my insurance company might think if they find out...
    I see your point, but it seems that it comes down to which is more important to you. Seizing with a history of cardiac issues after being "on" for a while and finding out what is wrong should be priority number one, regardless of the cost.

    Then again, I can't say I've ever been in this situation. If others can shed some light on similar experiences (telling the doc), then they need to step up.

    I hope there is nothing wrong, bro. But if I was you, I would tell him... you never know what could be a factor.


  6. Quote Originally Posted by Zero Tolerance
    Any advice? Thanks in advance...
    Wait until the results come back before you start to worry.

    Dehydration can cause elevations in CBC
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  7. Well.. I saw my doctor today and I'll be seeing him again on Monday.. He told me about my blood test today.. He brought up the fact that my hematocrit was 58% or 59%.. Normal range for an adult male is 42-52%.. He started asking me all kinds of questions about family history, so - on the spot all I could think of was telling him that I had taken a supplement that I later found out was an androgen - and that I'd stopped a month and a half ago. That's the last time I took anything..

    So now I go back for another blood test in a month to get that checked out again. Does one's red blood cell count go down automatically? Or should I go and get rid of some blood? When I asked him if I should, he said no... If it's NOT going to go down automatically, I'm going to get rid of some.. But what do YOU think I should do?

    Thanks in advance...

  8. Geez... that's a spicy-a-meatball! Personally, I'd wait it out, but I don't know.

  9. Wait it out and take another test. You can always say you were taking PH's. Nothing your insurance can do since it isn't a controlled or scheduled item. Hell tell em you were taking Superdrol

  10. But...If you doc is anything like my last one. As soon as you mention ANY supplements they become the reason for anything wrong with you.

  11. Thanks, guys. I thought that was a good idea.. I'll just keep on with the front that I was using performance enhanced that I legally purchased..

    So you think I should wait it out and avoid having any blood taken? I mean.. I was thinking that even without having this blood test, I should probably lose some blood anyway...


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